Persönliche Beratung:  Ebba-Karina Sander -MBA-

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    Especially in the field of medical secundary and tertiary prevention we offer a cooperation with the rehabilitation centre Bad Bocklet. At the same time, it is convenient for some patients to have the security of the presence of doctors and nurses day and night. For these people especially, we recommend choosing the rehabilitation centre with its park hotel – www.rehazentrum-bb.de.

    For a better understanding: prevention is separated into 3 levels:

    1. Primary prevention in general which shall avoid falling ill.
    2. Secondary prevention comes into effect for people who already have a risk of disease or minor restrictions.
    3. Tertiary prevention addresses patients who suffered of severe diseases and want to prevent relapse.

    We hence offer various ayurvedic prevention programs of one to three week for guests with different chronic diseases (see “What is treated?”). Please contact the admission department of the rehabilitation centre for prices under number +49-9708-79-3493 and +49-9708-79-9133.

    It is also possible to book individual days – the fixed sum for the vegetarian – not specifically ayurvedic – full board in the park hotel located in the buildings of the rehabilitation sum is €49,00 and Ayurveda one €169,00. Included are the daily consultation with the Ayurveda doctor, the determination of the body type and the treatment plan resulting from it, at least one hour of whole-body treatment per day by our Indian therapists, a 30 minutes partial treatment, if applicable nutritional supplements, Yoga everyday and meditation/relaxing almost daily, the possibility to do Nordic walking as well as the use of the pool and sauna area. Your health insurance contributes €150,00 for the fixed offers.
    We are happy to offer individual treatments for all guests of the park hotel as well as other tourists or visitors. See price list – for booking, see above or directly contact Dr. Joseph under 09708-78830.

    Personal consulting: Ebba-Karina Sander Tel. +49-170-1144094 – and via email: info@ayurveda4u.de