Persönliche Beratung:  Ebba-Karina Sander

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    Welcome to Bad Bocklet, the new centre for authentic Indian ayurvedic medicine in the middle of Germany! Located on the foothills of the Bavarian Rhoen, just a few km from Bad Kissingen, the placid Biedermeier bath presents itself in meditative tranquility with its enchantingly blooming spa resort and the historic fountain building by master builder Balthasar Neumann. The traditional Ayurveda family Madukkakuzhy from Kerala (see also www.ayurveda4u.in) guarantees their distinctive quality with our Indian team here in Germany, as well. Dr. Joseph B.A.M.S. Ayu MD and his beloved wife Ansheena, just as well Ayurveda doctor, are constantly there with four of our Indian therapists from our headquarter in South India.

    You can choose between the elegant and comfortable 4**** Kunzmann’s hotel directly located at the spa garden with excellent ayurvedic cuisine, adjusted to every guest’s dosha type and their current situation, in which you find our AYURVEDA centre – see www.kunzmanns.de – and a more simple accommodation in Bad Bocklet with an outpatient Ayurveda treatment, but without the specific nutrition which is important for Ayurveda. For the fixed amount of € 65,00 per day you can book the three ayurvedic meals in Kunzmann’s hotel as well as the right to use the SPA on a daily basis, if you wish.

    The Ayurveda department in the fashionably equipped rehabilitation clinic has just been established, see www.rehazentrum-bb.de. There you find pleasing hotel rooms with vegetarian (not specifically ayurvedic) full board. Dr. Joseph will give you advice every day on which meals are suitable for each guest out of the current day’s menu. For people with diseases it offers the security of 24h presence of doctors as well as a nurse during the night. The consultation and Ayurveda treatment takes place in the house; there you meet people in a wheelchair or on crutches as it is typical for rehabilitation, but you also find a beautiful pool and a sauna. Something is offered for everyone’s needs and taste.

    We are happy to provide you with further information. Feel free to contact me under number +49-170-1144094 – Ebba-Karina Sander –MBA- or via email at info@ayurveda4u.de